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Two Shores Marketing uses a combination of experienced professionals and analytical software to deliver packages, products and plans that compliment and excel your brand.


Search Engine Optimization is the science of getting your website and its pages to rank higher in search engines like Google. We use software to audit your website, conduct extensive keyword research that aligns with your brand and customer and then optimize your website. We follow optimization with in depth reporting. 

Packages start at $1,000


Web Design, Development and Management in todays world goes beyond aesthetics and requires a considered and planned approach to arranging your content online. We create websites that flow seamlessly across desktop and mobile with the end user in mind. The result is a website you can easily manage.

Packages start at $2,000


Content Strategy is the art of designing a plan to create and distribute written and visual content. We align these strategies with your brand, customers, marketing plans and overall business objectives. Two Shores Marketing works with a collective group of content professionals that are highly regarded in their fields.

Packages start at $1,000


Social Media Marketing is the strategic use of social media platforms to tell your brand and product stories. We know the intricacies of how and when your customers interact with social media and how to integrate your products and services to increase revenue. We will produce and manage your content delivery.

Packages start at $500


Digital marketing is a strategy to promote your products or services online. We take a sophisticated approach to your brand online with a holistic plan that targets the right people at the right time in the right place. We use analytical programs to analyze results and refine your digital strategy.

Packages start at $2,500